TOP 10 First Time Home buyer Checklist

Here is a quick summary of ten key tips every first time home buyer should have on their Check list ‘before’ you beginning the home searching process:
1. Know your credit Score. 2. Get Pre-Qualified. 3. Listen carefully to what price range your lender says you are qualified for. 4. Gather all of the documentation your lender needs ‘before’ you meet with him. (See a previous Blog for details). 5. We strongly advise you to steer clear of an adjustable loan no matter how attractive the lender makes it sound. 6. Present a ‘reasonable’ offer. Put yourself in the seller’s shoes & write up an offer that (if you were the seller) would make sense. 7. Make sure your agent writes some contingencies into your purchase agreement which gives you a legal ‘out’ if you need it. 8. Get the property inspected. 9. Understand that you not only your down payment but ‘closing costs’ which can add up to several thousands of dollars which all come out of your pocket at closing. 10. You will need insurance for the property of which a one year prepaid policy must be in place at close of escrow. Have a great day! Next Blog post is 7-11-13.

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Charles Sant'Angelo is a broker of 20 years with offices in the same Beverly Hills location. He has represented residential & commercial buyers & sellers in LA, Orange, Riverside & San Bernadino counties and as far away as Costa Rica. Whether you are a local or global 1st time buyer , a seasoned home buyer/seller or an investor, you will find that his professionalism & his 'Customer First' approach is the cornerstone to how he conducts business. Please visit our "About Us" page for more information or contact Charles direct at
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