To Stage or Not to Stage for home selling..That is the Question!

…And the simple answer is YES, Stage!  Even Shakespeare would agree that unless you really are a minimalist, chances are your home (as cozy as it is to you) has far too much ‘stuff’ in it & will not present itself in its most favorable light to prospective buyers. Think about it. Do you recall the last time you visited a builder’s NEW HOME track? Do you remember how absolutely stunning each of the models were decorated? Well, that didn’t happen by chance. Builders hire home decorators to make their model homes look breathtaking to buyers. The same principal holds true for your home that you are trying to sell. Hire a staging company. They know what will make your house appealing to the masses which results in quick offers to your listing. So, spend a little now for a fast sale.  The benefits to staging your home for an Open House are numerous.Next Blog: 2-7-13.

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Charles Sant'Angelo is a broker of 20 years with offices in the same Beverly Hills location. He has represented residential & commercial buyers & sellers in LA, Orange, Riverside & San Bernadino counties and as far away as Costa Rica. Whether you are a local or global 1st time buyer , a seasoned home buyer/seller or an investor, you will find that his professionalism & his 'Customer First' approach is the cornerstone to how he conducts business. Please visit our "About Us" page for more information or contact Charles direct at
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