New Real Estate Lingo…”Equity Sale”

To Shakespeare,  A rose, is a rose is a rose. But thanks to banks and mortgage lenders, a sale is not a sale  is not a sale. Yes, we now have the distinction of Equity Sales vs. Short Sales vs. Foreclosure Sales.  Used to be when you purchased a home, it was called (simply) a “Sale.” But today, banks and lenders make the distinction of just exactly what kind of sale it is. An “Equity Sale” is now taking the place of what used to be known as a regular sale. This new term describes a sale where the owner has more “Equity” in the house than what the house is selling for.  On that note, the share of ‘equity sales’ statewide in November increased by 1.5 percentage points from October to 64.9.  While this number is still below levels from prior years,  if the trend continues, it’s a good sign for the market.  Equity sales made up about half of all sales in November 2012.  Next Blog Post 1-25-13.

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