Home Buying Made Easy: Step 2 – How to do a thorough Home Search

Do a Thorough Search!!

Do a Thorough Search!!

Step 2: How to be certain you have knowledge of ‘ALL’ properties that match your criteria.
Hello everyone. Well assuming you have read STEP ONE and are ready to start the House Hunting phase, let’s get right to it and the first thing to remember is when it comes to a Home Search, “BUYER BEWARE!” I’m going to give you a full proof road map of how to begin and end this phase of your Home Buying experience. Follow it and you will know every home that is out there that matches your requirements. Don’t follow it and you won’t. It’s just that simple. So grab a cup of tea, coffee or water and you’ll be a savvy buyer at article’s end.
My best advice is to log onto a broker’s website that allows you to search “ALL” of the listed properties in the area of your choice. That means not just the ‘broker’s’ listings but EVERY Broker’s listings. Un-savvy buyers are unaware that some agent’s only show their listings and the reason for this is simple. They’ll make more commission selling their listing than that of a competitor’s. So your dream home could actually be out there; but if it doesn’t belong to the agent you’re dealing with who only shows his firm’s listings, you’ll never know about your dream home. So first things first, sign up for a FREE SEARCH of listings in the areas of your choice and make sure the search is in REAL TIME. Many, many high profile websites offering FREE SEARCHES actually have DELAYED information that can be 48 hours or more behind the times! Don’t go that route. In a fast market being aware of new listings as they come up on the market is crucial if you want a chance to beat the crowd. If you want to test drive such a FREE SEARCH now, just look at the box in the upper left hand corner of this page. Simply click “GO” to start your search!

The next thing you should do is sign up for FREE email notifications of new listings as they come up on the market. This way, in case you’ve been too busy to do your own FREE SEARCHES, you have a way of setting it on ‘auto-pilot’ to deliver new listings to your email each day. We offer this absolutely FREE service and if you’d like to sign up for it now, click here. I suggest you give yourself a week or two to look through the listings so that you can become aware of how much home you will get in the area you like for the loan amount you’ve been pre-approved for (This was discussed in STEP 1 (Link). What you will soon discover is that you are going to be happy or disappointed with what your loan amount will purchase. If disappointed, then toss out that net to a wider area of choices to see if neighboring areas will get you closer to the kind of home you want to purchase. On the other hand, if you are firm on the area you want to stay in, then, you’ll have to commit to the fact that you’ll have to be content with a smaller place than you had anticipated.
Okay, so now after two weeks, you are up to speed on the pricing of the area(s) you want to move into based on your pre-approved loan amount. Now is the time that you can look for an agent to represent you; but, just make sure he’s an agent who will show you all the listings. You can keep him/her honest by seeing what kind of listings he/she tells you about vs. what you find on your own from the searches you and your auto-pilot search perform. If you that the agent is holding back listings that you’ve found; it’s time to find a new agent.

So in a nutshell, to find your dream home you need to know about ALL of the listed properties in the areas you like that are available; not just a select few. You need to come to terms on how much home your loan amount will afford so that you approach this house hunt phase realistically and not waste your time looking at properties you won’t qualify for. Visit open houses and check to see if any FOR Sale by Owner listings in the daily paper are being advertised that suit what you’re looking for.

Our next Blog will discuss STEP 3 of the home buying experience entitled, “Making an Offer.” Next week this Blog will discuss all the dos and don’ts when it comes to writing up an offer and what NOT to say to the agent who is writing up your offer!!!

We’ll see you back here next week for STEP 3 of the five part series entitled “Home Buying Made Easy.”
If you have any questions about this article or any real estate question, please drop me a line using the “Contact Us” form. I’d be glad to hear from you. Till then, have a great week!

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