When to Take Possession of home after Escrow Closes

 Choosing your closing date should be done with care because if you close on a Friday and think you are going to move in on Saturday, that scenario may just not play out. Why?  The seller needs to know the deal closed before they can move.  So ... Read More ›

New Real Estate Lingo…”Equity Sale”

To Shakespeare,  A rose, is a rose is a rose. But thanks to banks and mortgage lenders, a sale is not a sale  is not a sale. Yes, we now have the distinction of Equity Sales vs. Short Sales vs. Foreclosure Sales.  Used to be when you purchased a ... Read More ›

Mortgage Basics 101 - 15Yr vs 30 Yr

Mortgage Basics 101 – 15yr vs. 30yr (Part III of III)

A 15 year loan is great because you own the home outrighr in 15 years. Qualifying for one won't be as easy and what if that larger payment becomes diificult to keep up with? Solution - take the 30 year loan and use an online calculator to see how ... Read More ›

Mortgage Basics 101 – Fixed vs. Adjustable (II in III part series)

This is going to be simple. As tempting as it sounds, keep away from adjustable loans. An adjustable loan is the shortest route to losing your home in a rising interest rate market. Don`t fall for the lure no matter how tempting. Be safe and not ... Read More ›

Mortgage Basics 101 – The Basics (I of III part series)

Mortgage 101: First in a 3 Part Series. PART 1 – Mortgage Basics Whether you are a first time home buyer or a seasoned home buyer, if you follow these very simple guidelines, your purchase experience will go smoothly. FIRST: GET PRE-QUALIFIED ... Read More ›

Market Recovery: Time Line

2005-2009: CA Housing Prices (as with most of nation) plummet to record lows as garbage loans & other negative Wall Street practices explode the foreclosure rate and lead us into the Great Recession. 2009-2011: CA Housing prices struggle amid shadow ... Read More ›

“Average Home Price” stats give “Faulty” Impression

Each month, newspaper articles across the nation publish 'Median' or 'Average' Home Sale prices showing this month's sales prices vs. last month's. A novice reader looking at the lastest figures, would then assume that prices in his/her market are ... Read More ›

Has the Market Hit Bottom?

1/13/13: The #1 Question on most people's minds: Have We Hit Bottom Yet? Answer: NO. Looking for up to date, accurate information about the state of your local real estate market in your daily paper is like looking for today's weather forecast in ... Read More ›