Beverly Hills Home Prices Up from 2013

Prices for homes in the ‘flats’ of Beverly Hills ticked up during the period of 06/26/2014 through 12/26/2014 over the same period one year ago.

Below is the complete comparisons:

SOLD Listings Between 06/26/2014 through 12/26/2014
Property Type Count: 23
Avg SF: 5,232
Avg LP/SF $: 1,187.20
Avg DOM-CDOM: 78/36
Avg Orig Price $: 6,874,087
Avg Price $: 6,730,607
Avg Sale Price $: 6,322,696

SOLD Listings Between 06/26/2013 through 12/26/2013
Property Type Count: 25
Avg SF: 4,186
Avg LP/SF $: 1,216.07
Avg DOM-CDOM: 67/70
Avg Orig Price $: 5,800,480
Avg Price $: 5,777,040
Avg Sale Price $: 5,589,249

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