Beverly Hills Home Prices Up from 2013

Prices for homes in the 'flats' of Beverly Hills ticked up during the period of 06/26/2014 through 12/26/2014 over the same period one year ago. Below is the complete comparisons: SOLD Listings Between 06/26/2014 through 12/26/2014 Property ... Read More ›

Beverly Hills Sign

Beverly Hills Real Estate: Spring 2017

Hello everyone from This BLOG Post is to introduce you to our BLOG whose purpose is to keep you up to date on not only Beverly Hills Real Estate For Sale but also, Homes in the Los Angeles from Malibu to Downtown. Our BLOG also covers ... Read More ›

Is the Agent Writing Your Offer Working for You...or the Seller??

Is the Agent Writing Your Offer working for YOU or…the Seller??

Hello Everyone! This is Part three of the five part series entitled "Home Buying Fundamentals - What Every Buyer Should Do Before Purchasing a Home." If you have not read the first 2 installments, you can find them here. If you have read ... Read More ›

Home Buying Made Easy: Step 2 – How to do a thorough Home Search

Step 2: How to be certain you have knowledge of 'ALL' properties that match your criteria. Hello everyone. Well assuming you have read STEP ONE and are ready to start the House Hunting phase, let’s get right to it and the first thing to remember is ... Read More ›

Home Buying Fundamentals from 90210 Real Estate

Home Buyers: listen up! – Buying a Home is probably the Biggest Single Purchase you will ever make in your lifetime. Now is not the time to leave the process to chance. There are a myriad of important steps to take in the home buying process. Failing ... Read More ›

2014 Mortgage Predictions from 90210 Real Estate

Hello everyone. Hope your day is off to a great start. What many Buyers and Sellers have on their minds this year is where oh where are mortgage rates going to go. The short answer is UP. 2013 was the year to get incredibly low rates; but the good ... Read More ›

2014 Ushers in Tighter Home Lending Requirements

Happy New Year everyone! Make 2014 a year of accomplishments. The biggest news in Real Estate for 2014 so far concerns mortgages & unfortunately the news is filled with lemons. So as the saying goes, find a way to "Turn those lemons into lemonade!" ... Read More ›