2014 Mortgage Predictions from 90210 Real Estate

Hello everyone. Hope your day is off to a great start. What many Buyers and Sellers have on their minds this year is where oh where are mortgage rates going to go. The short answer is UP. 2013 was the year to get incredibly low rates; but the good news is that 2014 rates ‘still’ will be at historic low rates and we’re talking about “fixed” rates. We anticipate that 2014 rates by mid to late 2014 will hover in the low 5% range which is far, far below rates of the ‘pre-meltdown’ era. The Federal government is poised to reduce its influence on the market (bond-buying); but this all depends on the economy faring well in 2014. If this does happen, then rates will gradually increase as the FED systematically reduces buying bonds. So Buyers take heart, if you are in the market to purchase a home, it is ‘still’ a great opportunity to lock in a ‘fixed’ rate. It won’t be as low a rate as was available in 2013; but still at an historically low rate. For more information on this subject or any Real Estate subject, drop us an email at 90210re.com and we will be happy to answer. Meanwhile, catch our next blog coming up next week. Till then, have a great week. qrcode (7)

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Charles Sant'Angelo is a broker of 20 years with offices in the same Beverly Hills location. He has represented residential & commercial buyers & sellers in LA, Orange, Riverside & San Bernadino counties and as far away as Costa Rica. Whether you are a local or global 1st time buyer , a seasoned home buyer/seller or an investor, you will find that his professionalism & his 'Customer First' approach is the cornerstone to how he conducts business. Please visit our "About Us" page for more information or contact Charles direct at chas90210@gmail.com
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